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Welcome to Potent Vehicle Detailers experts in Mobile Car Detailing.

Potent Vehicle Detailers prides itself on providing a professional and friendly service that comes to you, whether it’s at your home or workplace. Whether you require a full service or protection for your investment, you can rely on us. Our exclusive use of top-tier premium products ensures that your car will appear sparkling clean and glamorous. Whether it’s an interior deep clean or a restoration to make your car look like new, our services come with a personal touch and guarantee exceptional results.

Silver Wash

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Discover our Silver package, featuring a standard inside and outside vehicle wash (optional). This option is tailored for clients in need of a quick and regular wash for their vehicles, no matter if you are at your property, office, or on a business trip.


  • Exterior Wash
  • Interior Cleaning
  • Both: Interior & Exterior Wash & Clean

Gold Wash

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Our Gold Service Package is an upgraded version of our Silver Package. With this option, we provide a comprehensive range of higher-quality and detailed services, especially when we have more time to dedicate to your vehicle.


  • Exterior |
  • Interior |
  • Both: Interior & Exterior

Platinum Services

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Experience the pinnacle of excellence with our premium service, Full Valet & Protection. As the epitome of mobile car wash services, Potent Car Valet offers an unparalleled level of quality and care with this option.


  • Exterior |
  • Interior |
  • Both: Interior & Exterior
We understand your business

B2B mobile car detailing packages

“We help your company’s vehicle’s bright and clean image stand out, whether it’s for business meetings or presentations. Potent offers you an end-to-end car wash solution.”

Make it Look Like Brand New

New Car Detail

It’s all about your car the brand new – rolled out the showroom. Check our Car Detailing Package


Eco-Friendly Products
Brand New Eco-fiber cloths
Return Policy

New Car Detail

Discover our exclusive “New Car Detail” package, specially crafted for your brand-new vehicle! Even though your car is fresh from the dealership, it might still have some imperfections like swirl marks, minor scratches, or pesky contaminants from its journey to you. But worry not! Our comprehensive and meticulous detailing service is here to make your new car shine like never before.

Ceramic Coating

Introducing our game-changing Ceramic Coating – the ultimate protection for your car’s stunning exterior! Say goodbye to worries about pesky environmental contaminants and minor damages harming your car’s paintwork. Our advanced ceramic coating creates a strong, invisible shield that keeps dirt, water spots, bird droppings, and tree sap at bay.

Correction Detail

Welcome to Potent, where we bring you the incredible Correction Detail, also known as Paint Correction, to make your car shine like never before! Our team of experts is passionate about meticulous detailing, and we’re here to restore your vehicle’s paintwork to its absolute best.

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